noun /ˈsʌplɪm(ə)nt/

1. a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it.

At Chloe Rose Lucy Health & Wellness we use supplements as a way to support our health & healing. In an ideal world we would all just rely on the food nature provides us. But often our bodies are so depleted that supplements are required, alongside a nutritious diet to replace deficiencies and remove toxicities.


Some of these protocols are designed to be used long term to help maintain our health, whilst others are used for a specific goal in mind. Please use the links below to explore different supplement options. For further information on what would work best for you please visit the blog for general advice or click ‘work together’ to develop a personalized health program.


Equilibrium Nutrition - Daily Foundational Protocols

For maintenance of every day Health & Wellness the Level 1 Daily Foundational Protocol (previously the Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol) contains;

  • Daily Nutritional Support Powder

  • Daily Fruits & Vegetable Blend

  • Daily Probiotic.

And we've now taken things to a new level...

Level 2, we've added our Omega-3 Support

Level 3 we’ve added our Daily Digestive.

For all of our products sold as bundles, we are excited to be able to offer an everyday savings compared to buying products individually.

*Offers may vary from image above.

*Offers may vary from image above.

*Offers may vary from image above.

*Offers may vary from image above.

Equilibrium Nutrition - Dr Cabral Detox

Also known as a Functional Medicine Detox.

The Dr. Cabral Detox (DCD) is “The Most Powerful, Scientifically Researched, Full-Body Detoxification, Weight Loss & Wellness System Ever Created."

This is the exact 7, 14, or 21-day protocol that Dr. Cabral uses in his practice to help people lose weight, get well, or reverse the aging process.

Now available in chocolate as well as vanilla, yum!

Equilibrium Nutrition - Wellness Protocols

Do you have candida overgrowth? Parasites? Hormonal imbalances?

Equilibrium Nutrition provides a variety of Wellness Protocols to help remove toxicities, replaces deficiencies and give the body what it needs to re-balance and put it in a position to heal itself.

I would advise that before undertaking any of these to have a consult with myself to ensure you are selecting the best protocol for your body’s needs. Alternatively order a functional medicine lab test through equilibrium nutrition to identify exactly what is happening within the body & receive a 30-60 minute consult with one of Stephen Cabral’s Health Coaches.

*Offers may vary to image above.

*Offers may vary to image above.


Please note I am an associate of Equilibrium Nutrition. If you click the link above I will earn a small commission on any purchases made. This does not affect the price you pay but does support the maintenance of this website. I only recommend products and protocols that I would use myself. Thank you for choosing to support this website.