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A little about me


From a conventional medicine focused paediatric nurse to a integrative health coach focused on natural healing - here’s a little look at my health & wellness journey and how I’d like to help you.


Qualifications & Experience:

Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 Certified 2019.

MNurSci Hons - 1st Class Masters of Nursing Science 2010.

Previously a Paediatric Nurse working in London and specialising in High Dependency Care.

Personal experience with chronic illness, burn out and managing infant allergies whilst breastfeeding.

Special interests include:

Chronic Illness,

Chronic Pain,

Allergies & Mast Cells,

Recovering from stress & burnout,

Fertility & Women’s health,

Postpartum recovery,

Newborn Health & Breastfeeding.

Personal Life:

Married to Chris - an amazing physiotherapist - check out his website:

Mummy to Jake aged 3, who is gorgeous and incredibly cheeky!

I love learning about all things health and wellness, and I have a habit of buying more books than I can read! I enjoy discovering new healthy recipes, walking in the great outdoors and spending time in the sauna.